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It's All About Perspective

My son was telling me about a friend of his who's postal delivery woman stopped him one day and said, "I don't want to sound like I am tattle telling, but I think your youngest child is putting one of your farm chickens in the mailbox everyday?" His friend laughed and said no he was not aware of that. Then one day his friend was working in the yard and saw his young son walk over to the mailbox with a chicken in his arms. He proceeded to stuff the chicken in the mail box. The dad said, why are you putting chickens in the mailbox? The child responded, I want the mail lady to have fresh eggs!

For this child, stuffing a chicken in the mailbox made perfect sense, and what a great gift it was to give to the mail carrier.

For the postalworker, it was a bit of a problem. Can you imagine trying to deliver the mail and having a chicken fly out of the mail box everyday?

 The dad knew that he needed to tell the child, "ok, it is time to stop putting the chickens in the mailbox this is not a good idea."

I really enjoyed hearing that story. Not only did I have a good laugh but it made me think about how everything is really all about perspective.

 I started to think about my own perspective with this journey of cancer. On the days where I feel good and strong I am like the child. I want to give the Lord a great gift by having a very positive attitude about my medical situation. I feel I can give Glory to God in all circumstances. 

On other days this journey seems like how the postal worker must have felt on a daily basis. Dreading coming up to that mailbox. Knowing there would be a problem and not sure how to handle the situation. The same is with me as I dread the chemo, surgery and all that this journey holds. I too do not know how to handle the situations and emotions that arise.

On the days where I am feeling sick and scared about my future I am like the father of the child. I want to tell the Lord "ok, ok it is time to stop, this was just a bad idea from the start."

But in the end I do not really have a choice on how my story will unfold so I may as well make an omelette.

This led me to looking up two scripture verses on perspective. 

Colossians 3:2 " Set your mind on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. If we set our minds on earthly vision and earthly perspective we will not see the things God is doing through us and in us but only what we are going through here on earth."

Psalm 73:26 " My health may fail, My spirit may grow weak, But God remains the strength of my heart. He is mine forever." 

These verses give me hope and help to change my perspective. When I am feeling discouraged or depressed, I can choose to be discouraged or choose to believe in God's promises.

Thank you all again for your constant prayers.

Brian, Mary and family

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