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  • Mary Vogrinc

We Have Been Called

Dear Friends and Family,

This last chemo started out ok but it packed a hard punch. I was not expecting to be down and out from this round. I was sick at home for all of Thanksgiving, but I have been so truly thankful for my healing and all those who have supported me through this journey, that I could not feel sorry for myself. This was probably one of the most grateful and heartfelt Thanksgivings I have ever experienced!

A scripture verse that stuck with me this week was:“We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

The last part of this saying, “who have been called according to His purpose,” is what hit me the most this week.

God has a purpose for all that happens to me. I am always trying to seek what that purpose is in all the events of my life, so that I will not waste the opportunity to bring Him the glory.

I have been trying to walk at the mall to regain some of my stamina and strength. I usually wear my scarves on my head because they are more comfortable than the wigs, so anyone looking at me knows I am in a war with cancer. At first, I was very self-conscience about my appearance and really did not want people to know about my illness, but the most amazing thing has come from my discomfort. People have come up to me almost daily and started telling me their stories of cancer. It does not matter where I am. It happens in the grocery store, Walmart, outside, the make-up counter at Macy’s, or just walking in the mall. I have met some amazing people, some with stories of heartbreak, and others with stories of triumph. In some of these encounters I have been able to share about how I have seen the Lord working in my life.

I never would have chosen this illness as a means to tell others about Christ, but the Lord is showing me purpose and how He can use it for the good. I am getting bolder and using this as a spiritual exercise to not worry about what others think about me, and so, I just share my experience.

The season of Advent starts tomorrow and I love this time of year. I always make sure that my gifts are bought and wrapped by the beginning of Advent so that I can truly enter into this time to pray, meditate, and prepare my heart for the birth of our Savior.

May your Advent season be a time of spiritual growth, as each of you prepare your hearts for the gift of the Christ child.

Mary and family

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