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Need Conditioner?...nope need GOD!

Dear family and friends,

I have just completed my 5th month of chemo and have one left to go. The doctors made some adjustments to make things easier and this was by far the easiest time I have had with the administration of the chemo. They are also adjusting the steroids with a more gradual way to get off the steroids to see if that will help with those difficult days of pain, sickness and exhaustion that I get for 3 days after I stop the steroids. So things are looking up; my hair however is a different story! I started to sprout hair and I looked like an ostrich when I was off the chemo while I was recuperating from my surgery. It was such a funny look, but, unfortunately, the hair has fallen out again. The Lord is certainly keeping me humble!

A friend of mine recently sent me a beautiful card about five things God wants you to remember in trying times.

1. You’re never alone.

2. Nothing takes Him by surprise.

3. When you’re weak, He is strong.

4. He ‘s the God of new beginnings.

5. His love never gives up on us.

The card also included a quote from Isaiah 46:4; “ I will be your God throughout your lifetime….I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you.”

This scripture brought me so much comfort and trust, for He really has carried me through these past months. When I look back on these past 5 months, I can see all 5 of these sayings that have been true for me on this journey.

So I hope that this scripture verse will help you through any difficult times in your own lives. Our God created us and cares for us. His love is steadfast. He will care for us through out our lifetime and even through our death.

With all our love and appreciation,

Mary and family

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