• Mary Vogrinc

Preparing For Battle

Dear friends and family,

Next Friday I return to UW for round 2 of chemo. To be very honest, I have been dreading this and feeling a little moody over the whole thing. I've also been reading a book called Searching for and Maintaining Peace by Father Jacques Philippe that had a quote from St. Catherine of Siena. "Without war there is no peace; without combat there is no victory". She was referring to a spiritual growth, where we learn to know ourselves in our weakness and to know God in His infinite mercy. But as I was working on this concept in my own life I also realized I was looking at the chemo as my enemy. This is war and the chemo is working hard for victory over this cancer.

So, I am trying to turn my thinking around and give thanks for the opportunity to receive this treatment. So many people do not have the means to receive the medical care that I have the privilege to receive. I am a little embarrassed by my pity party.

My scripture readings today took me to Joshua 8:1 "Then the Lord said to Joshua, Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Take the whole army with you and go up and attack."

All of you that have been lifting us in prayer have been our army, and I am so grateful to have you all marching alongside during this battle. I know my weakness but I also know His infinite mercy, so get your boots on we are going in for another attack.

With heartfelt Gratitude

Mary and the Vogrinc family

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